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The Terms and conditions of our Loyalty Card Scheme are set out below: 

Your name and email address is required. Your email address will be added to our mailing list for occasional news and updates, unless you let us know you would prefer not to be contacted. On issue of a Loyalty Card, it is deemed you accept the terms and conditions below.

  • Your Loyalty Card will be issued to you with your name and its expiry date – each card is valid for three months. You need to collect five qualifying stamps on your Loyalty Card on five separate visits within this period.
  • You should request a stamp on your Loyalty Card by presenting the bill at the end of each visit which shows you had a main meal. However you do not need to be the bill-payer, and bills can still be split.
  • When five stamps have been collected on a card, the card-holder (only) is entitled to a free main meal on a subsequent visit. Completed cards must be used within six months of the 5th stamp being awarded. A claim-by date will be added to the card when the 5th stamp is awarded.
  • Your completed card must be presented when placing your order to claim your free main meal.
  • Anyone else on your table who also has a completed Loyalty Card can claim their free meal on the same occasion, but there is only 1 free main meal per Loyalty Card.
  • Loyalty cards can only be used by the named Card holder; cards are not transferable.
  • You are responsible for your Loyalty Card – lost cards cannot be replaced. Records of stamps earned will not be kept separately at the Duke of Marlborough.
  • The Loyalty Scheme applies to main meals only; breakfasts and takeaways are not included.
  • The Duke of Marlborough reserves the right to:

(i) stop issuing Loyalty Cards at any time;

(ii) terminate the Loyalty Programme;

(iii) alter or amend the terms and conditions of operation of the Loyalty Card scheme. Notice of any amendments or termination will be published on our website and on Facebook.